Equanimity – Balance of Mind

Equanimity is a concept used in mindfulness meditation and it is about finding balance of mind. So how can you cultivate it?

Here are 5 mindfulness tips:

  1. Bring attention to the present. We are often on ‘automatic pilot’ – do you remember the last time you didn’t even remember how you got to your destination?
  2. Be curious and non-judging; not engaging with any negative thought. Your thoughts are not permanent. We all have habitual patterns of unhelpful thoughts and these thoughts can begin to loose their influence once you become aware of them.
  3. Bring all attention to feeling. Feel what’s happening in the body. Allow yourself to fully experience activities e.g. eating mindfully. Do you remember when as a child you experienced something for the first time; the sense of awe?
  4. Do not engage in negative self-talk. Remember that you are more than your thoughts. The goal is not stopping the mind but noticing and choosing to bring attention to the present. Watch your thoughts float by like ‘leaves on the stream’. Sometimes bringing your attention to your breath can help.
  5. When you are fully awake to what is happening and open to ‘what is’ bringing attention to the present your extreme highs and lows of your emotional responses to life will loosen their grip. You will live your life with equanimity.