8 Reasons why Exercise makes you Happy

Have you ever wondered what is the exercise effect on your brain?

  1. Exercise releases positive endorphins – the body’s ‘natural high’
  2. It will improve your energy levels as a result of the release of epinephrine; ‘the energy molecule’ creating a surge in energy; making you feel alive
  3. It helps to keep body fit and lean making you feel good about yourself
  4. It eases anxiety or depression and helps to cope with the everyday stresses of a busy lifestyle
  5. You will get rewarded with a flood of dopamine ‘the reward molecule’ if you set yourself exercise goal and achieve it
  6. Improves blood flow to the brain nourishing it with needed oxygen
  7. Decreases muscle tension in your body making your body more relaxed
  8. Increases alpha-waves in the brain which allows you to clear your mind