Interview with Boho Beautiful’s Juliana & Mark

Juliana and Mark is the yoga power couple behind successful venture Boho Beautiful with impressive 65+ million views of their YouTube videos. A couple who travelled over 85,000 miles inspiring their followers along the way. Have you wondered what is their story, what inspires them or want to learn more about them? 
What is your story? 

We are a husband and wife that run an online brand called Boho Beautiful. 2 years ago we sold everything and left our ordinary lives behind in Canada to travel, to experience, to grow, and in hopes of finding a deeper understanding of ourselves and this magical world.

Boho Beautiful is a hugely successful venture. What were your motivations for starting it? 

Thank you! We became tired of following the same routine living in Toronto, Canada and new that there was more we wanted to contribute to. We had the idea of starting to produce online yoga videos but sat on it for a long time scared to pull the trigger, then one day we realized if we don’t do it we may never, and the day came where we simply decided to “jump”. we put the end of all of our money in, bought our first camera and with no previous cinamotagraphy and video making experience we faced our fears and started something we were afraid to do for so long. Facing our own fears and going all in, that was the biggest motivation.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

We would have to say becoming the second biggest YouTube Yoga channel in 2 years was pretty cool!

What were the biggest challenges for you? 

Balancing our work while still finding some time to live. We love what we do with Boho Beautiful and it is incredibly demanding, so sometimes we notice we don’t know how to press the off button and find time for us. Always feels like there is something more to create or work on so finding moments and freeing up time in our day to reconnect with ourselves is something we continue to work on.

Describe each other in 3 words: 

Mark: driven, compassionate, hard working

Juliana: Compassionate, inspiring, determined
When did you start practicing yoga and why? 

Juliana started practicing yoga after suffering from a bad back injury due to her professional gymnastics career. Yoga was what saved and rehabilitate her body and then showed her a path to spiritual balance.

Mark found Yoga through an injury as well. After having an ACL operation on his knee he turned to Juliana and her classes to get him back to mobility, from that moment on Yoga became part of who he is as well.
Together Yoga has helped us both embark on our awakening and a beautiful spiritual journey.
What defines yoga for you? 

Yoga to us is a way of finding a deeper connection to your inner self. A time to truly become one with our body and soul, allowing us to see that we are connected to something so much greater then our individualism.

Do you feel anyone can enjoy and gain from yoga? 

Absolutely! Yoga offers something to everyone who practices not matter what age or physical capabilities. It has a beautiful way of giving people exactly what they need, even when they don’t know they need it.

What is your food philosophy? 

We look at food as fuel and nourishment for our bodies. We like to keep our bodies running on clean and efficient fuel free of chemicals, animals, or animal bi products. We follow a plant based whole food diet and it keeps us healthy and energized no matter where life takes us.

Do you have a morning routine? 

Always start our morning with our own personal yoga and meditation practice. After that we take on the day!

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 

Once when we both got a bad case of the flu in Toronto, we binge watched every seasons of Battlestar Gallactica in 1 week. It then easily became our favourite tv show of all time.


You guys travel a lot. What lessons have you learned from your travels and meeting people from different cultures? 

It’s important to always blend and respect the culture we amerce ourselves in. We see ourselves as guests and like to respect the land and places we visit. Also, there is a true common denominator that connects all people, it starts with the idea that we all desire the same fundamental things in our lives: happiness, peace, and love… but goes deeper to a level of oneness.  The oneness we and all of nature are all apart of. The source that we all come from and that also binds us all together.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

The Tip Of Borneo, Malaysia


What is your favourite thing about the beach?

The constant reminder of how powerful and beautiful the ocean and Mother Earth really is. Allows us to realize both how fragile we really are and how beautiful this planet truly is.

What is still on your bucket list? 

To hike El Camino de Santiago

What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?
 To be an example that you don’t have to follow the rules and standards  that society puts out for us. That there is more to life then working for retirement with hopes to “live” one day later rather than today. We hope that our life can inspire others to face their fears, to jump when everyone else is sitting down, and to find a way to contribute to making this beautiful world a better place. And hopefully in the end have left it better because we were once here.
What are your goals and aspirations for the coming year?
We hope to continue to create more inspiring content, raise more awareness and discussion about the state of our planet while continuing to find ways to contribute it, and to keep travelling, challenging ourselves and creating more content that might help people heighten themselves and their lives in anyway they need.
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