L’ENIGMATIQUE is a London based art, fashion, photography and lifestyle magazine featuring the best talent. At L’Enigmatique the editor chooses only the most incredible and inspiring talent to feature in the magazine and for the photographer’s blog.

In L’Enigmatique you will also find inspiring lifestyle and motivational articles and quotes related to mindfulness, psychology, wellbeing and health.

About L’Enigmatique magazine Editor

Zuzana Breznanikova is an international fashion and celebrity portraiture photographer. She is known for her unique aesthetics and portraiture work. Her black and white fine art portraiture in particular is popular on social media and in demand with VIP clientele across the world. She has also some psychology background with keen interest in mindfulness, psychology and wellbeing.

“I ¬†wanted to create a magazine with articles about people and subjects that are inspiring and want us to improve ourself’.

Check out her portraiture and fashion photography on her website.


She is also a Director of London Photo Portfolios – fashion & portrait photography studio in Notting Hill, London.